Tuesday, January 23, 2007


How many ways are there to the truth?

This is answering a question like how many ways could you reach the top of the mountain?

Sometimes, you find truth easily in matters that you do not expect.

I just recently had a moment today.

Key thing to remember here is "Love rejoices in truth."

I realized that I had prayed for a sword, that God would grant me the offer. I prayed to God that I would use the sword for his greatness, his honor, and his power. I will serve him with this sword and it will represent my loyalty to him. He will let me find the way with the sword and let nothing cross my path to the truth.

He gave me a sword following this request. The sword was great and still is pretty good.

There was a problem when I looked further into it, though.

With the sword I destroyed things that were not meant to be destroyed.

I did things with the sword that I wasn't prepared or trained for.

Now, as if God was using this to give me a message, I understand what it was about.

The sword was given to me by God, and I disrespected it. I have let others tame it, use it to their will, and I have let myself treat it like it wasn't worth much.

Now, the truth is revealed. I dropped the sword once.

Landing on the tip, it bent the very tip of the sword slightly.

With enough thrust, it could still penetrate. However, it is bent at the most critical point in the entire sword.

I believe God is expecting me to grow from this experience. I believe God, if he loves me enough, he will give me another sword that's better, stronger, worthier, and bigger. I believe that God still loves me and he will for infinity.

I only pray that I can have the patience to reach that point in my life where my sword is tamed by Jesus himself. For, if Jesus is the way, then the sword will surely serve Jesus. And anyone who stands in the way of Jesus from the way to the truth, God have mercy on his soul.

Hopefully, this spectated view of transitions will serve to me as a sign in the path so I can be directed the right way.

God, please help me succeed to better serve you.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Spectated Family Problems

It seems as if I'm always bombarded with family problems. I'll be discrete, honest, and straightforward about it in this spectator's point of view.

Let's start with where it originates from and what causes these problems.

1. Stubbornness
I pat myself on the back for putting this one in the first place (I am widely known as being very stubborn). I remember a buddhist long ago who told me to be close-minded and open-minded as the situation needs. If you choose this little family-dispute as a ground where stubbornness would be an advantage, you're wrong. Family disputes require thinking, patience, open-mindedness, willingness to accept, and compassion to show for each other. If anything, stubbornness causes disputes between family members and separation, and also maintains all frustrations shared on the subject.

2. Habits
The reason I left out the adjective "bad" preceding the word "habits" is because habits can sometimes be good, but just bad at the moment. Any habit could be a potential threat to someone. A habit may lead to a compatibility issue, which would lead to an issue of whether or not one would be willing to compromise. There are so many issues coming from habits and since there really is no way to root out all the different types of habits that might be denegrading to families, I'll just leave at that.

3. Bad Attitude
I don't think I have to explain much here. ... Alright, I guess I didn't really need to explain much for any of these, but I'm gonna do it anyways. You reap what you sow: if you have a bad attitude toward the members of your family, then expect bad attitude back.

4. Inability to Forgive/Apologize
This is a bottom-line. Learn to apologize and forgive. Unless you like all this bullshit drama.

5. Impatience
Once you have fixed the past 4 problems that causes family disputes, then this is the last step. People just don't realize that patience is something you need to work at. If, at any point, you feel like immediately following up with an argument when someone is talking, that means you need to work on your patience.

if you take out the roots of the problem, the tree will not bear fruits. Problems solved.

Seems easy, but you will be surprised how easily you will fall to such easy tasks.