Tuesday, November 21, 2006


It seems to me, everyday when I come sit down in front of this computer, I find a way to be depressed about something. One depressing failure after another, I always find out about some error I have made, driving me into a hole for the rest of the night. A resolution sort of clears my mind and makes me think, "I'm going to stop this shit from messing me up in the future and just change how I do things."

Well, this shit never changes. I don't even follow my virtue of keeping good habits that would help me become a better person all around. What if you realize you've made an error when it's too late to change anything? What was the purpose of a failure?

If a failure is made or predestined for the purpose of making someone realize their mistake and continuing as a stronger person, then why is it that I haven't made the necessary changes yet?

Does this mean that my error is not meant to be understood? fixed? compromised? ever detected?

What if I fall but never learn to get back up again?

This is a requiem of those failures that go unchecked. If you want to become stronger, then find those failures and drive them to the heart. Do what is necessary to fix those errors. If that is never done, then when it's time for you to pass, you will realize you've missed being the best man you could be; A man who has learned of all his failures and has tried his best to correct them. If you miss all days of training for your martial arts, then how can you call yourself a martial-artist? if you miss all your classes, then how can you call yourself a student? If you do not treat your mother with respect, then how can you call yourself a son, a man, or even a person? If you can't wield the sword that you own, then how can you say you own a sword?

Remember these things... Never stumble upon a rock. If you do, pick yourself up and destroy with your hands all the rocks that could make you stumble. Never let conditions drive you back. If they do, then fight back as if it's the last, as if you are fighting until your death.

Kill or be killed.