Sunday, October 08, 2006

Spectating Inherent News-spazz About Korea

In my Government 312L class, I am currently learning about the different presidents and their approaches to solving problems of the United States, domestic or foreign.

This relatively new knowledge can link with this news article I saw online ( about North Korean troops crossing the border to the no-man's land in which caused South Korean guards to fire 60 shots that made the three North Korean men run back behind the border.

My opinion in pollitics are going to be obscurely displayed here, so... make sure to remember that I have deeply-seeded conditions which derive my opinions before you make rash judgments about who I am, how I am, and why I think the way I do.

In the article, before it states everything about the situation between North Korea and US, it talks about how these visits to the no-man's land are "...not unheard of" but are "relatively rare". This has happened before, but no mass media really covered it. In fact, it was passed as irrelevant and not important. So why is it listed in the front page of now? Because we're all waiting for a response from the American president, who hasn't really done anything but have 6-party talks about it and labeling North Korea as one of "Axis of Evil". Evil stems from evil itself and love stems from love. The reason why North Korea is in such a state is because of the countries in which have such interferences with it. Using hegemony to cause mass sanctions of globalization to North Korea, stationing 20,000 troops across DMZ (Demilitarized Zone), labeling it as one of "Axis of Evil", and doing anything to make sure South Koreans are envoys of the American power are all reasons why North Koreans are pursuing the power of a nuclear weapon.

No, I am NOT a communist.

Moving on, my complaint is that mass media here is basically 1. pushing the president to make a decision as to how to deal with North Koreans pursuing a test of their nuclear warheads, 2. Making everyone in the United States believe, regardless of the past conditions of Korea (where they had attempts to assassinate the president and had times that would cause the entire South Korea's forces to mobilize), believe that the situation between North Korea and South Korea is getting more and more aggressive, 3. linking to complaint #2, try to be an advocate of some sort of disdain between Koreans and Americans possibly causing war.

CNN had a choice NOT to report this article simply because no one was dead and shots are fired across the border all the time, which gives me a damn good reason to complain the three complains (numbered) above.

As you can see, mass media is running our minds, which decide on what to do on the future, which then has control over the future. Note that an average person with a PC and a 56K modem that logs online to read this news coverage wouldn't have any idea as to exactly what is going on.

If you understood what I had put up there and understand my anger, let me know. I really want to know if I make sense here.

I will post up another blog on a later time continuing this talk of blasphemy.


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