Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Strange day.

Today was quite interesting. I went to Kuksoolwon today and had a good laugh as well as a good push towards anger.

So I missed training for a whole month during December, in which I paid for with $80.

I asked the head master (Sa Bu Nim) of my Dojang if I could make up those classes, since the management of the Dojang has been turned over to him and that the other manager has left for Florida. He flat out denied me of making up those classes that I missed. His excuse: You used to only have two classes a week. Now, you have classes THREE times a week (emphasis on THREE). This way, you don't have to make up classes because you'll be making up classes through the 3rd day of the week.

Tell me if this isn't a way to rip off my $80. Yeah? Well, let me prove you a complete asshole.

1. I paid for a month and I had notified the Dojang and the Dojang had agreed to let me make up classes so the 80 dollars that I paid doesn't go in vein.

2. Three classes a week does NOT mean that I'll be getting any more than others. Everyone else in the Dojang is, now, also getting 3 classes per week. I simply deserve more because I had missed everything the month before.

3. I don't get my money back.

There are no refunds, no make-up classes, and no way in hell you can deny that he was being a complete asshole.

If I was a lawyer, he'd be sued. This was the biggest case of bullshit I've ever come across in the history of martial arts.

On the flipside, I learned a new falling technique where I'm supposed to jump before doing a front roll.

My thoughts in martial arts:

It's been a while since I started Kuk Sool now and I believe it's time to be extremely critical. Controversies over techniques, insincerity in consideration of martial arts, and lack of respect continue to push me away from honoring this martial art. I've come across two individuals in my classes that are very enthusiastic about martial arts in general. However, I thought I saw the end of the world crushing down on me when these two were asking Sa Bu Nim for a purchase of swords and when I saw him nod in agreement to the favor.

Sa Bu Nim, in consequence of this gesture, almost layed down my belief in the moral: "Good things come to those who wait."

This man didn't wait two, three years like he was supposed to in order to get a black belt so he could order his own sword. Sa Bu Nim knows this, but he respected this man enough, without testing his patience, to give him the honor of giving suggestions on which sword to purchase.

Why is it that a person who wants to do anything with honor lags behind while the person who wants to do things in vein finds his way to the top faster than the latter? Why does this world always make me go to the dark side in order to attain honor? Why is that? Why do we have to lose honor in order to gain strength?

Note to self:

Keep all dishonorable people under your ladder, so that they may not start their own ladder and strike yours down.

"Fuck pride. Pride only hurts, it never helps."
- Marcellus, Pulp Fiction.


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