Thursday, March 30, 2006

Some thoughts + update

Some updates first:

1. After my yellowbelt has been received, I am happy to announce that I'll be getting training every day of the week except Sunday in Kuksool.

2. My mastor bought me dinner.

3. I feel good about the first three updates.

4. I don't know how I did on the 3 tests I took yesterday.

5. I don't feel good about the 4th one.

OK. With that said, I've had some thoughts and I'm going to present them.

It's about Cars.

It's been long since I've read a quote that speaks about how cars speak how you are.
I'm here to prove that true indeed.

Let's start from the exterior to the interior and I will speculate on how I might be exactly like my car.

1. Blue (my favorite color)

2. Stylish (Explation N/A)

3. No back windshield wiper (I don't look back and regret)

4. No tint (Maybe I like to introvertedly show off. Going for tints soon though.)

5. No mods (Old-fashioned. Don't like mods. Either that or I don't like my warrantee being voided.)

6. Coupe (A car designed for 2 or less but could handle more: I like being my own person. Individuality, I guess.)

1. Black leather seats (I love black. I love leather. I come from a cold place, WA and MI, so naturally, a darker color is something to behold. Plus black shows elegance and a feel of class.)

2. Manual control bucket seats (I like to move my seats real quick. Perhaps that just means that I'm no one to put style over quickness. I would rather get shit done rather than have those expensive seat movers that take forever. I hate that shit.)

3. Stick transmission (A control freak? Maybe. I don't know. I like having control as well, though.)

4. Automatic climate control w/ A/C (I love electronics as long as they happen to add convenience. This is probably there because I love convenience.)

5. AM/FM/FM2/Tape/6-CD-Changer combo with 6 speakers and Subwoofer (Sometimes I like to turn shit up like how I turn shit up when I go to Kuk Sool or when I turn shit up when I get hardcore studying. or bitching.)

6. Working on an alarm system (I want my shit to be safe. I want everything to be there when I come back)

7. iPod FM Transmitter (I like this add-on. I can listen to whatever the hell I want and jam and sing, all in the convinience of driving on the road where no one will hear you sing. Maybe this shows that I'm most satisfied when I can prove myself to me and no one else.)

8. 2-door (I think I mentioned that up there, but I just had to remember that I like being alone. Makes me think. Makes me work. Makes me feel like myself and build myself the way I want to be.

9. My tassel from the graduation cap I wore (Memories, I guess. I like having my memories hung where I can see them. I have my 40 days of purpose thing on my paper stand in my room as well as my name written in calligraphy. I want a poster of Hwarangdo or some awesome thing about martial arts that would represent my heart. Very extroverted about my experiences.)

10. 20-30 CDs I never listen to (Well, I don't know.. I love music, but I think I keep them there so that I can find them when I want to listen to them when I'm alone in the car with nothing to do. *shrug* Means that.. I don't like being bored, I guess.)

11. 2.7 L V6 DOHC Engine (V6. An above-average engine saying that I am not the best, but I'm no Geo Prism. Not going to burn that much fuel, but just enough to get around and say that I can also speed.)

12. Front Wheel Drive (One of the biggest advantages to having a front wheel drive in the chassis is that it can help you turn better at higher speeds, and that's for you speed fanatics. The suspension in turning is also much better on FWD rather than RWD. So, I think this says that I know that you can get a head start, but I make up for it by making the right decisions in what turns to make in life.)

13. Moonroof (Man, I had no idea that that stuff felt good until I got a car with that on it and started opening those up during the night. That stuff feels so freaking good, it's amazing. What can I say about that? Well, I think it just means I love fresh air and enjoying the good moments when the come by.)

14. Hyundai, Made in Korea (Well, at first, it could say that I'm a cheap-ass motherfucker, but once you realize that I own a 2-door coupe when you don't own a car yourself, you'd have to think twice. So.. just take me as being Korean, yeah?)

15. Papers laying around, especially from church and other scheduled things as well as menus (1. I'm lazy enough to leave important messages from church laying around in my car. 2. I like having schedules nearby where I can take a quick look. 3. I like having menus to restaurants as well so I can tell people where to go and what's good. In summary, I'm a lazy man who likes conveniences as well as someone who tells good advice without shame. I also am religious somehow. I don't know how to fit that in there, because these are important messages from church laying around.)

Alright, I'll see you guys later.


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