Tuesday, March 07, 2006

First post.

It's been two days and I really haven't had a good, long-run sleep-in.

Took a test yesterday. Test today at 7:30 AM (currently 3:27 AM) in the morning.

You know what that means?

IHOP at 4 AM, meditation at 5 AM, studying until 7:30 AM.

An update of my life:

Roommates for next year:
1. Ruishi Wang,
2. Jonathan Earl,
3. Anthony Kwan.

Plans for S. Korea so far:
1. Learn Korean.
2. Learn calligraphy.

Plans for relationships:
Don't get one; you might lose 40 dollars and let a girl turn you into a wuss, or just into someone who is a complete retard.

Currently reading:
Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

Let's bring home the world cup this year, Korea.

I'm too tired to make up more bullshit. I'll seriously blog later.

It's good to finally start one now that I don't really have anymore negative shit to post about.


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